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Hand Held Gauss Meter

Hand Held Gauss Meter

All the controls are mounted on the front panel and are clearly designed. An attractive plastic cabinet with carrying cum tilt bracket makes the instrument light in weight and portable. LED display gives a direct reading with 1gauss resolution on the 2k range and 10 gauss resolution on the 20 K range. The unit is supplied with a calibrated transverse Hall Probe of 50 mm x 1.5mm with the actual sensing area of from the tip.

The control unit comprises of a constant generator, an amplifier and seven segments LED display. An invariable current is made to pass through the Hall probe that when placed in a magnetic field produces a voltage proportional to the magnetic field. This voltage is amplifier circuit and output is read on a digital panel meter calibrated in kilogauss.

Overband Magnets

Overband Magnets

Our Overband Magnet is extensively used for installing above conveyor belts, vibratory feeders, chutes etc. Their function involves picking up of ferrous metal parts from bulk goods.


Over band magnet separators are used for the following purposes: For removing magnetic parts from non-magnetic materials. This is done applicable to project crushers, mills, processing plants and many other machines.These are also used for cleaning of non-magnetic bulk goods that have iron contamination. For example cleaning of foundry sand, coal etc.These machines are also used for recovering magnetic material from ore, steel mill slag and similar materials.

Factors Considered Before Installation:

Since each material and type of conveying has different problems, a number of factors are considered for different applications.


As a result of their shapes/ demagnetization factor, the long, bar-shaped & large iron parts are easy to separate as compared to short, cube-shaped bulbous & small iron parts. The efficiency of these machines depends on many factors like the following:
Pole sizePole distance field intensity in the conveyor burdenLines of the material to be separated

Some of the features that have made separation a difficult process are:

Large burden depthsLarge lump sizesSticky or humid material
Star Trace Specialized in manufacturing, supplying, exporting, and fabrication of Overband Magnets.

Table Top Gauss Meter

Table Top Gauss Meter

Star Trace is a well-reputed manufacturer and supplier offers customized Gauss Meter at very competitive prices. Our company has well-trained engineers who possess specialization in designing, developing and manufacturing noble quality Digital Gauss Meter.

Overband Magnet

Overband Magnet

Approx. Rs 98,000 / Unit

Star trace's Overband Magnetic used as Separator has been developed to handle high volume product stream flows that exceed the limitations of standard permanent suspended magnets. these models are available in both, manual on/off or automatic, self-cleaning system designs.

Dimensions and Technical Data
TypeBelt Width mmWorking distance
Weight kgDrive KWOverall dimensions
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